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Number of students:
Semester count In which Semester are your students mainly?" :
Who will set the research topic?
Teachers give the research topic.
During a firm setting students will find a research topic.
Students will set the topic on their own.
Who evolves the research question?
Teachers will present the research question
Students will evolve the research question under lead of teachers.
Students will evolve the question autonomously.
How do students plan the research?
Teachers will give deadlines and phases of the process.
Students will plan the research with lead of teachers.
Students will plan the process autonomously.
How will students research?
Teachers or tutors will lead the research.
Students will be supported by teachers or tutors.
Students will research autonomously.
How is the feedback during the research?
Teachers (or tutors) will give (or claim) (Peer-)Feedback.
Set and self organised feedback will be organized.
Students will ask for feedback of teachers or tutors.
What will happen to results of the research of students?
Just participates will reach it.
The faculty will have access to it.
Results will be published and visible for everyone.
How do students reflect on their process in research?
Tutors will provide events for reflection
Students are encouraged to reflect, but are able to to it on their own.
Students reflect on their own.